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Jan 26 2024

What's New for 2024?

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Exciting Update to Our Website for the 2024 Season!

Get ready for a thrilling announcement - our brand new website is here! We are currently in the process of updating it for the upcoming 2024 season. Make sure you don't miss out on all the excitement, so check it out now!

Experience the Ease of Our Streamlined Registration Forms!

Prepare to be amazed as we have taken our Registration Forms to a whole new level for 2024. We have streamlined the process to make it incredibly easy for you to register. Say goodbye to any hassle and hello to a seamless experience!

Discover the Incredible TeamLinkt App! Be sure to explore this fantastic new addition, where you can find all the information you need. And don't miss the Toolkit at the bottom - it's like having your very own personalized "how-to" manual!

Join the Excitement as CRLL and PRLL Unite!

Hold on to your seats because we have some electrifying news. The CRLL family has just welcomed a new addition! We are thrilled to announce our merger with the Prescott Russel Little League (PRLL). This exciting partnership has expanded the CRLL boundaries, meaning you can now expect to play games not only in Clarence/Rockland but also in Hawkesbury. Get ready for an unforgettable season of baseball!

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