Rules: Questions & Answers

Here are some common questions and answers for coaches with regards to rules.

Can you explain the new courtesy runner rule?

  • Question: Rule 7.14 b – A local league may now permit a Courtesy Runner with two out and the pitcher or catcher is on base, subject to some conditions. If the local league opts to use this rule, does it become mandatory? That is, if the catcher is on base and a second out is made, must the coach substitute for the runner, or can he simply leave the catcher on base?
  • Answer: If a league/team is utilizing the courtesy runner it is not mandatory to be used every time the pitcher/catcher is on base with two outs. It is the discretion of the manger/coach to determine if they would like to utilize the courtesy runner option.

Must the coach wear any protective equipment?

  • Question: Rule 3.09 allows a coach to warm-up a pitcher in the bullpen or at home plate. Must the coach wear any protective equipment, such as mask with dangler, catcher’s glove, or anything else? (We are worried about safety and insurance implications).
  • Answer: Adult coaches are not required to wear protective equipment.