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Umpire Training

The Carleton Russel Little League (CRLL) is always on the lookout for new umpires volunteers. If you want to help, and make a bit of money as well, please reach out to

Umpire Files

File Summary
CRLL Umpire Clinic House League Presentation (2019) These working aids are used during to provide new umpires with an introductions to the rules and the base and plate mechanics. The working aids work best with on-the-field training.
Little League Canada - Umpires Clinic Presentation(2020)
Little League - Make the Right Call: The Casebook of Little League Baseball and Softball (2022) The "Little League Baseball and Softball Case Book" is a supplementary guide for umpires, coaches, and volunteers involved in Little League® Baseball and Softball. It provides practical interpretations and insights into the official playing rules commonly applied during local league play. While not a replacement for official rulebooks, it aims to enhance the understanding and conduct of Little League games. The book emphasizes the importance of umpires, their dedication, and their role in ensuring the integrity and enjoyment of the sport. It is intended for regular-season use and should be used alongside the Official Rulebooks of Little League.
Field Mechanics Manual 60 Foot Diamond The "Field Mechanics Manual 60 / 90 Foot Diamond" provides a detail overview of the on field mechanics. It covers various runner on base scenarios and provides a in depth overview of the mechanics.
Field Mechanics Manual 90 Foot Diamond
CRLL Umpire Direct Deposit Form

CRLL utilizes Direct Deposit for umpire payments to streamline the process. Umpires must submit their Direct Deposit information, along with a Void Cheque or bank account details, to the Umpire in Chief (UIC).

Umpire Resources

The Little League umpire is essential to the operation of every Little League program.

It is not enough to know the rules of the games of baseball; however, being a Little League Umpire also means being able to fairly and impartially enforce those rules in the context of a game for the young players.

Little League Umpires should never strive to be the center of attention. They should let the players be the stars. In fact, it's been said that the best-umpired game is the one in which nobody could remember who the Umpire was. Veteran Little League Umpires will say the highest praise they receive is a "good game, blue," comment from a young player.

Some of the tips you will find on this page are very basic, while others are more advanced. Information is provided to be useful for any umpire at any level of Little League - even for someone who is just thinking about umpiring. We'll add more content from time to time, so keep checking back for updated tips.

Training Description Hyperlink
Little League International - Umpires Keep up with the latest LL Umpire News and learn about higher level clinics and schools.
Join the Umpire Registry Today for Free!

Being a member of the Little League Umpire Registry provides Little League umpires with access to:

  • the latest information on rule updates/interpretations
  • umpire mechanics training videos & manuals, and more

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Little League Umpire Registry

Little League University - Umpires Articles and videos to help make you a better umpire -mechanics, positioning, making the right call - check it out now. Little League University - Umpires
Umpire Resource Center This site provides resources and materials for Little League umpires to aid them in umpiring. This is not an official Little League site but it offers a great deal of good information.
Online Umpire Quiz An interactive umpire quiz with over 300 questions with selectable levels of difficulty and divisions of play. A great resource to keep you sharp... great for coaches as well.
Little League Umpiring 101 This site was developed for new and beginning umpires (< 3 years experience) to help them learn quickly and have fun while doing it. Basic instruction, tips, videos and more....
Umpire Bible A great resource for learning the rules and nuances of umpiring but beware it is not Little League specific - use it with reference to your LL rule book.
Little League Rules Myths Many misunderstandings on the field are the result of “Everybody Knows That…” rules myths. Listed below are a collection of common misbeliefs about Little League baseball and softball rules. Each of these statements are false.

CRLL Umpire Clinic

The CRLL umpire clinic is mandatory for all first year (new) and second year umpires. The clinic is a practical "on-field" session meant to provide umpires with all the information they need to umpire a successful baseball game. Experienced Umpires are encouraged to attend and share your knowledge and expertise.

Umpires should bring along the following for the Dome session:
  • Pen and paper
  • Baseball glove
  • Hydration
Optional, only if you have:
  • Rulebook
  • "Make the Right Call" manual
  • Wear your navy blue / black polo shirt, grey / black pants, and black running shoes.
  • Umpire indicator (recommend four dial vs three dial so it can track balls / strikes / outs / innings.
What you will receive:
  • New umpires will receive an umpire patch to affix to their polo shirt.
  • Rulebook (while supplies last)