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Batting Helmet Attachments Rule

Beware of helmet attachments....


Recently, Little League adopted a new policy governing the use of batting helmet attachments, such as c-flaps (cheek guards). We have prepared this summary to assist parents and players in understanding Little League's new helmet attachment rules. These rules apply to all Carleton Russell Little League baseball activities including all practices and games.

In order to use a helmet attachment such as a c-flap in Little League play, the helmet manufacturer must provide a notice indicating that affixing the protector to the helmet has not voided the helmet's NOCSAE certification.

Little League has collected the various manufacturers notices here. Although parents should carefully review the letter for the manufacturer of their player's batting helmet, the common theme is that a manufacturer typically only approves c-flaps or attachments on their helmets if the c-flap is from the same manufacturer or can be mounted without any damage such as drill holes to the helmet.

Prior to this summer, most c-claps were manufactured by a company called Markwort, which does not manufacture batting helmets. In reviewing the manufacturer letters linked above, you will see that Markwort c-flaps are only permitted on Easton Z6 and Z7 batting helmets. A Markwort c-flap is no longer permitted on any other helmet under Little League rules. But many manufacturers, including Easton, All-Star, Under Armour, Boombah, and Rawlings, are now selling c-flaps of their own to attach to their helmets, which can be used according to manufacturer specifications.

For more information, including detailed FAQs, please visit the following website:
Little League Helmet Attachment Information: