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2015 Standings

Pos Team GP W T L RF RA +/- PTS
2.Casselman II00000000
3.Casselman III00000000
5.Embrun II00000000

2015 Results

DateAway TeamResultHome Team
June 4, 2015Casselman II6:00 PMEmbrun II
June 11, 2015Russell6:00 PMCasselman III
June 18, 2015Embrun II6:00 PMCasselman III
June 18, 2015Casselman6:00 PMCasselman II
June 18, 2015Embrun6:00 PMRussell
June 25, 2015Casselman III6:00 PMEmbrun
June 25, 2015Casselman II6:00 PMEmbrun II
June 25, 2015Russell6:00 PMCasselman
June 30, 2015Embrun6:00 PMCasselman
July 2, 2015Casselman6:00 PMCasselman III
July 2, 2015Embrun6:00 PMEmbrun II
July 7, 2015Russell6:00 PMCasselman II
July 9, 2015Casselman II6:00 PMEmbrun
July 9, 2015Embrun II6:00 PMCasselman
July 9, 2015Casselman III6:00 PMRussell
July 16, 2015Casselman6:00 PMEmbrun
July 16, 2015Casselman III6:00 PMCasselman II
July 16, 2015Embrun II6:00 PMRussell